Jean WarnbergAccounts Payable

    Jean oversees payables, as well as receiving materials into inventory, which go hand in hand to help ensure accuracy for the bottom line. She has been with Morrison Industries since 2015 and has been in the accounting field for 15+ years. A graduate of MTSU with a B.A. in Business Administration, Jean was a non-traditional student looking to improve her future and her children’s future by having the necessary tools to change their family tree.

    Jean says the work environment at Morrison Industries is unlike any other she has experienced and she feels blessed to be part of the family atmosphere. She will tell you that no one is where they are in life by happenstance but are there to serve those around them.

    Outside of the office, Jean’s life is both busy and blessed. She is married to Doug and has two children, Josh (Natalie) and Beth (Shadrack). She has the most awesome grandsons anyone could ask for, AKA “The Fab Four,” Jude, Saul, Joshua, and Parker. Other things that vie for her time are church and mission activities, crafting and an occasional good read.

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